My animal is the Axolotl also known as the Ambystoma mexicanum which is it's scientific name. The axolotl lives in the Highlands of Mexico. The climate there is tropic. It lives in te lakes of Mexico City. The axolotl is a vertibrate. Even though it lives underwater it's whole life and has gills (like a fish), it has legs and is consitered an amphibian. A very cool adaptation of this animal is that it can regenerate body parts. Another semi-cool adaptation is that it can live in water it's whole entire life.

The axolotl is a predator.
Small Plants --> very small fish (minnos and baby fish) --> large fish (bass, trout, and catfish) --> axolotl.

The axolotl eats any type of animal it can find. As long as it isn't to big for it ti kill. It's shelter is basically rocks or it's camoflauge.