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By: Kelly N.


My animal is the axolotl. The axolotl lives in the highlands. The highlands are locate in the inlands of Mexico. The average temperature is 75 degrees F. In the fall the average temperature is 66 degrees to 72 degrees F. In the summer the average temperature is 100 degrees F. The average rain fall is less than 10 inches a year. Moutains are some of the landforms in this area. Some of the plant life are the Ponderosa, the Giant Lobelia, and lots of flowers. Some of the animal life are the Mountain goat, Cougar, Japanese MaCaque Monkey, and the Hummingbird. The scientific name of the axolotl is ambystoma mexicanum. The axolotl is classified as an amphibian (vertebrate). The axolotl can get up to 12 inches in height (lenght). The axolotl can weigh from 2.11 to 8oz. The axolotl comes in many different colors like pink, white, green, and black. One of their adaptations is regenerating. When the axolotl loses a body part it can grow back. Also the axolotl has gills because they live in the water their whole life. The gills give them a way to breathe. The axolotl eats mollusks, worms insects, larva, crustaceans, and some small fish. Axolotls water source is a lake because that is where they live. Their shelters are plants, rocks, and that they live in schools. The niche of the axolotl is predator and prey. The species of an axolotl is endangered. Since axolotls have the ability to regenerate lost body parts, axolotls are one of the most studied salamanders in the world.


Food chain: Flowers - snail - water bug - axolotl - birds