My name is Dylan Notto and my animal is the banded gecko and it lives in the desert. The deserts average tempature is 100 degrees F. The landforms are mostly platueas, mountains and isthmus. The total rain fall is10 inches a year and its very dry all year around. Some pant life is cactic like old man cactius,organ pipe cactus, and the blinden cactus. The animal life starts at toads, lizards, birds, snakes ,spiders, scropion, and mammals. My animal is called the baned gecko its sciencetific name is coleoyx brivis. It lives in the Baha California. its one of very few geckos in the desert. It has a backbone so it is a veritbrate. it can get to 4 to 5 inches long. its weight is less than a pound. It's shelter is rocks and sand. The banded gecko is nocturnal it has prominet eyes( able to move eyelids ) and the female can lay up to two soft eggs at a time. Its description is darken banded, broken into patches. eyes are big. Its basic needs are insects and small spiders. The banded geckos water source is a hole in the ground. It squeaks when it is captured, may shed its tail, mulptiple defences. it is safe at this time. Food chain is Plant-> Insect-> Spider-> Banded Gecko.

GEDC0613.JPGexternal image DesertBandedGecko.jpg