Geography: lagoons, clay islands, barrier reefs, forests, plateau
Fun Fact: only Central American country not along the North Atlantic coastline.


Climate: Dry and rainy seasons every year, on average about 50 inches of rain per year, temperatures range from 72 degrees F in the dry season to 88 degrees F in the rainy season.

Flag:external image 800x600flag.jpg
Motto (scroll under shield) is "sub umbra floreo". It means "under the shade I florish."

Area: 8,867 sq. mi.

Population: 301,270

Major Export: Sugar, food, live animals

Major Import: Machinery, mineral fuels, lubricants

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglicans, Pentecoastals, Mennonite, Methodist, Baptists, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, Rastafarians, Seventh-Day Adventist

Important Cities: Belize City, Orange Walk, Corozal

Culture Notes: Ancient Mayan and Garinago ( also known as Garifuna) once were a part of Belize. Major foods are rice and beans. Sports they play are football, basketball, cricket, softball, cross country cycling, tennis, boxing. Holidays they celebrate are New Years Day, Baron Bliss Day, Good friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Commonwealth Day, St. George's Caye Day, National Independence Day, Columbus Day, Garifuna Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.