Jackrabbit ( Lepus Californicus)

My animal is the black-tailed jackrabbit. The black-tailed jackrabbit is a vertebrate and a mammal. The usual black-tailed jackrabbit is about 16-28 inches tall and weighs about 12 pounds. Black-tailed jack rabbits have huge ears, a silverish tan color fur, black tail and black ears. One adaptation for a black-tailed jack rabbit is that it lives on an open steppe and can its enemies. Another adaptation is that they can run at a whopping 36 miles per hour to out run its predators.
external image jackrabbit.jpg


The Black-Tailed Jackrabbit eats tough grass and cacti. It is a consumer because it eats the cacti instead of making food. It gets water from the cactus juices. A black -tailed jackrabbit has no real shelter but sometimes it will hide in a bush or burrow in to the ground.


A Black-Tailed Jaackrabbit's hind leg is 15 inches long. A Black-tailed Jackrabbit is not endangered, they are safe.
The average temperature for a steppe ( where it lives) is 73 degrees Fareinheight. They get 30 inches of rainfall a year.
A food chain for here would be grass, then a Black-tailed jackrabbit, and a hawk.