Geography: Mountians, Plateus, Amazin basin, Lake Poopo ,and enlcosed by the Andes, and the Altiplano

Capital: La Pas, Sucre

Climate: Has dry seasons, and rainy seasons most of the year.

Flag: external image FLAG_Bolivia-S.gif

Population: 4,247,816

Major Export: Metal, Natural Gas

Major Import: Aircraft/Mechanical products, Oil

Religion: Roman Cathlic 95%, Protestant 5%

Important Cities: Cochabamba, Postoi, Oruro

Culture Notes: Bolivian culture has many Inca and other Indian religion, clothing, and music. Celebrates pagon rites from pre columbia, Dances contains elements from both the native and the Mediterranean culture. Actocalla festival celebrated in Sucre music folklare heritage Chocamba. The national holiday in Bolivia is Indenpendence Day celebrated on August 6th celebrating with festivals and rituals throughout the year. The national dance is Cueca which is originated from Chilean version of the dance.