Geography: It covers nearly all of South America. It borders almost every country except Chile and Equador. The Amazon River also runs through Brazil. Brazil

Capital: Brasilia

Climate: 90% of Brazil is in the Tropical Zone. Temperatures along the equator are high, averaging above 25 degrees. It contains many landforms including mountains, platues, and highlands

Flag:external image brazil%20flag.gif

Area: 3,286,470 sq mi.


Major Export: Iron Ore, Soy Beans, Cotton, Coffee, Meat, Juice, Foot Wear, Processed Foods, & Seeds

Major Import: Machinery, Oil, Electrical Equipment, Vegtables, Animal Products, Cereal, Vehicles, Metal, & Surgical Instruments

Religion: Roman Catholic, Pentocostal, Afro-Brazilian religions

Important Cities: São Paulo & Rio de Janerio

Culture Notes: Most of Brazilians play soccer, volleyball, and music. Brazil also competes in the Olympics.