Cactus Wren (Campylorhynchus Brunneicappillus)

The cactus wren is found in the deserts of Mexico. These areas are generally in northern central Mexico and in western Mexico near Baja California. The climate is typically dry with 3 to 16 inches of rain a year. Temperatures in the summer average to about 86 degrees F where as winter temperatures average to around 52 degrees F. Cactus wrens are classified as vertebrates and can survive for long periods of time without freestanding water. The roles of the cactus wrens are as follows: consumer, predator, and prey. Below is a food chain including the cactus wren.

ants--> cactus wren--> blue jay--> termites

Cactus wrens typically eat insects and spiders, but on a rare occasion, a reptile or amphibian. For water, they can draw it out of most cacti in the desert. These beautiful birds live in lowland and montane thorn-scrub suburbs. Sometimes, they destroy nests of other desert bird nests such as Verdins and can lower the breeding density. Cold desert nights may have more of an impact on cactus wren breeding than extremely hot daytime temperatures. Cactus wrens are a threatend species at this time. Below is a picture of a cactus wren.